Thursday, January 13, 2011


MP3: yahnLOOKEPickard - Looking Down Floating High
MP3: Old Gold - 001

New Haven's Grappa Frisbee Records can't stop, won't stop. Was really into the label's Grappaproved Sampler not too long ago and was kind of amazed that they've managed to drop six more records between now and then. Always down to feel something on each of their releases, I've found myself mostly immersed in these jammers from yahnLOOKEPickard's Bread Heels n' Grease and Old Gold's Headies 91. All vast and expansive, yahn comes heavy with some sprawled-out atmospherics and visions of slow motion strobes. Old Gold keep it cosmic too but in a more milky and multi-coloured manner. Surprisingly, it's also pretty damn danceable and not in a glitchy and awkward kinda way. So what's next, Grappa?

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