Saturday, February 05, 2011



MP3: School Knights - Fuck The Beach

This is the third track from their debut record that Colorado's School Knights have slung our way and by now it's clear that these dudes take good vibes extremely seriously. There's a certain 2k11 self-awareness to calling a perfectly fuzzy pop-punk jam like this "Fuck The Beach", but even with that (and the chorus's sarcastic "He's so cool/She's so cool" refrain) it's hard to deny this song's exuberance: the cascading guitar harmonics, the backing ooh-oohs, the gleeful thrashiness of it all. It doesn't sound totally removed from the sun n' fun vibes of guitarist Michael Stein's other band, Weed Diamond. School Knights have just released a 7" on the excellent Bridgetown label, which has previously put out records from Cloud Nothings and Ancient Crux; their debut LP's out mid-year.

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