Sunday, May 22, 2011


MP3: Ganjatronics - Limits

The infinitely switched on Don't Die Wondering have featured Brooklyn duo Ganjatronics and their neo-IDM strategies a couple of times now and nail it when speaking of the "pensive mood that at the same time feels vibrantly erratic and emotionally combustible". They're edging closer to Sean McCan forest territories on this particular one, a big contrast to the free albums' opener which is spaced-out and cogitative, not to mention the final track which is straight up lone-BP-station-at-night cold wave.



Hu Vo Dou said...

this is like that true blood scene where jason and amy are tripping hard on V! if i play this in my room it feels like i'm in Fern Gully on etheogens, sort of :)

RICHARD said...

yeah i can definitely feel that eh!