Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This new video from NNF artist Maria Minerva mines a completely different visual stock from "Lovecool", the last video we saw for her debut album, Cabaret Cixous. Where that video displayed an interest in dated web art, Tumblr-style new age imagery, and surreal infomercial aesthetics, this Joonatan Allandi-directed video translates the soupy, aquatic swagger of  "Ruff Trade" with hand-held footage of a lazy afternoon shooting hoops. Juur mentioned a subconscious predilection for the 1990s and "bad" pop music in her recent AZ profile, and her affinity is especially evident in both this video and track. The "edgy" editing aesthetic, coupled with Juur's seemingly sincere singing-to-camera, recalls a number of music video tropes from that era.


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