Thursday, August 11, 2011


MP3: Terrible Truths - Diamond

Another terrifically energetic new wave gem from new Adelaide outfit Terrible Truths (PRO TIP: they're playing Rose Quartz's Melbourne Showcase this Saturday!). They've already got form with writing intriguingly skewed minor key surf pop curios - despite the fact that this 7" is only their debut release - but Diamond is a pretty impressive step up. There's a kind of ecstatic abandon to the clean production and zippy basslines that's pretty rare from a DIY punk band circa 2k11 but super refreshing. As with the previously-blogged Don Juan, this 7" was mastered by ECSR's Mikey Young which I don't need to tell you is pretty much the seal of quality when it comes to this vein of punk in Australia right now.

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Anonymous said...

actually mate this 7 is our first release, the split with hissey miyake hasn't happened yet. xo fact checker

MAX said...

oops!! fixed, thanx!

This Is Our City said...

reminds me of Pylon! coool shit