Saturday, August 20, 2011


Major brain malfunction on first sight of this new video from very authentique 100% Silkers Magic Touch. What is actually 2011 footage of San Francisco's club night "The Beat Electric Dance Show 2" looks like found footage from golden disco's past, not just thanks to the VHS grain, but because of what appears to be totally unbridled nightlife bliss. The irresistably sleazy, jacked up bassline may as well be a straight sample from the '80s disco that inspires this hi-energy fantasia, but it's probably the techno-y electronics, faint Knucklesy arpeggio repetitions, and synthetic horns (some of which is provided by Valet/Miracle Club member Honey Owens and Joshua Anzano) that make this one rise up big time, cementing 100% Silk's rep for heavy appropriations that are actually "better than the real thing".

Grab Magic Touch's I Can Feel The Heat on 12" vinyl or digital from 100% Silk or Midheaven Mailorder.

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I absolutely tie in with anything you've presented us.