Thursday, September 08, 2011


MP3: Aristocrat P. Child - We're Gonna Make It

Sun Araw has started a Twitter account (!) and now also appears to be unleashing reworked (?) ancient dance groovers (or "disco edits" as he puts it) as Aristocrat P. Child which are cut clean in Where's Yr Child mantra of gaudy-but-good dance music of yesteryear. My disco knowledge is lacking as usual so I'm not sure of the origins of these beats or how much of it is sampled (anyone?) but definitely feeling Stallones' rune interventions on this dusty disco. Also it's probably worth checking out his latest LP Ancient Romans if you missed that (DUH).

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Anonymous said...

I recognise the original of this. Blackjoy has an edit of it on one of his Edits CDrs. Vol 2 or 3.