Thursday, September 08, 2011


MP3: Mark McGuire - Get Lost

Just in case anyone else missed the news (like I did, WTF!?) of yet another new release from eternal looper Mark McGuire, here's an embarrassingly late peek at the title track. The whole LP is seriously amazing; honing way further in on those Summersian rhythm zones across all of the particularly focused four-five minute guitar/synth summer blissers. Of course he's always been a sucker for combining the homely with the cosmic (especially that recent Trouble Books collab) but the acoustic guitars on this one are so Basho yet also so golden coming-of-age TV show it's crazy. Feel like this is the best thing he's done in ages, grip it from Editions Mego from September 27 .

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This Is Our City said...

Thank you! I really did get lost in that