Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Satanic rites of drugular

Electric Wizard - Dunwich

Electric Wizard have a cool name and this helps in approaching a doom/metal band who, despite their a awesomely fuzzed-out Black Sabbath like sound, coming off distant and murky (or just sounding like it was recorded through a mattress), are still a metal band. They slip past my aversion to HEAVY METAL MUSIC somehow but it's hard to pinpoint exactly how but I'm guessing it's their obscurity that naturally helps, and so does their production aesthetic. Apparently this band who are apparently often dubbed 'the heaviest band in the universe' have been around since 1993 so their lo-fi probably isn't accidental. According to their press release, they're definitly metal heads, with the long hair and the 'high grade' marijuana and the masks and the willingness to be loud in volume. It's good music that would appeal to fans of Sun 0)))) and Boris etc. because it's just ridiculous enough in it's image to be interesting and definitely rockin' enough to get yr head at least nodding.

[Electric Wizard Myspace]

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Anonymous said...

Electric Wizard don't wear masks and whoever lead you to believe so should have their head removed and altered to resemble the namesake of their mistake.