Friday, August 01, 2008

Interview: ADVENTURE

Adventure is Benny Boeldt, proud citizen of Baltimore and impassioned Wham City officianado. As recently posted about on here (and here), his computer and cartoon fantasy beats have a particular quality and a special essence behind them; it's something adventurous like getting up at 6am on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and all the weird worlds that go with. His new self-titled album is due out in September. His music is infused with Cocoa Pops and Fruit Loops and also some other more serious air of party, but though Adventure still has a penchant for He-Man, he isn't even that into computer games these days. He took a little time out of his busy schedule preparing for the recent Whartscape Festival (ZOMG) to answer a few questions.

I like turn based RPGs the best. What are yr favourite computer games?

It has been a long time since I played any new video or computer games, at least 5 years or so. RPGs were definitely my thing for a while when I was growing up.
From the past I would say that I loved most of the SNES RPGs, and point and click walkthrough games on the computer. All types of games, no favorites that I can think of...except for maybe Duck Tails for NES.

I feel like the name Adventure suits you perfectly because yr music sounds really adventurey, like climbing past pixely mountains. There's a mysterious kind of vibe?

Yes, I did choose the name because it was what I thought of when I wrote the first few songs. I think that emotion can be shown to some degree even through the coldness of a computer. Particular notes and progressions can connect you to long forgotten memories, mysterious.

How many hours of videogames do you think you've played in yr life?

Honestly, not as many as you might expect. I stopped playing them along time ago. I definitely used to fiend for them as a kid, except I was never very good at them. That's why I liked RPGs so much, because I could play them at my own pace and explore and it was pretty impossible not to win.

I've been playing Chrono Trigger on a SNES emulator on my Nintendo DS but the layers get all screwed up and the sounds start to go all wacked out and disentergratey. Also, I've been listening to DJ Scotch Egg's new album and it's sort of like that on an album; video game music exploding all over the place. Any thoughts?

Chrono Trigger was the last game I finished. I recently have been getting into SNES emulators. I can't let myself spend too much time on them or else I'll loose track of the day. I've never heard DJ Scotch Egg, I will check him/her out. I guess it's getting popular because the younger generation is becoming the listening audience, and musicians like myself also have an interest in recreating the cool sounds of our childhoods.

What's yr favourite cartoon?

I really loved He-Man, If you try watching it when your older you see how weird and fucked up it is. The Characters, and environments were unlike any other.

Do you have a preferred console?

No. I lost touch with all the new stuff. They're all fun.

What do you use to make yr music?

Reason for Midi, Garage Band for recording external synths. Sometimes I try using Little Sound DJ, I'm sure i would have a lot more fun with it if I owned a Game Boy.

What sort of dancing do people do at yr shows?

All sorts. Everyone has their own way of dancing comfortably.

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