Thursday, October 09, 2008


The Skaters - Untitled 3

Before I went away on vacation I wanted to post about the Approximately Infinite Universe show here in Newcastle about which I had previously cacked my dacks re: because as expected, it was really great, transcendent even, shot with the expected rainbow colour. I can't wait for Islaja's new album (she said she's using lots of beats and samples in a recent interview I did with her) and her collaboration with Blevin Blectum and Samara Lubelski saw her bust into these glossy and sequined disco beats. They came as a major revelation after her typically dark/leafed-out folk tones. The real highlight of the evening was Dream Triangle, who I had heard the least about. It's Tomotonttu (from Finland) and The Skaters (from the USA) and they played this immense liquidy free noise set that swirled and swirled and swirled in a similar motion to this amazing Zaimph tape I've been listening to lots lately (Burning Darts is it's name FYI). I haven't got any Dream Triangle stuff to post but here's a new Skaters jam that captures a similar sort of lucidy. They've got this strange spaced out/underwatery kind of texture that while sounds more hollow and dark on this track than the totally lush soundscape of the other night, it hypnotises in a similar kind of orbit.

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Anonymous said...

oh how I wish the skaters would come to Australia, pitty it will never happen.

Love the blog too by the way.

richard said...


i'm trying to get some dream triangle stuff; so amazing!!! also, james ferraro of skaters has done like 10 tapes and cdrs this year which are on the web and all extremely good so i'll have to write about some of that too i think

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been slowly making my way through them. Marble surf is incredible!

If you could post some Dream Triangle, that'd be great.

check out my blog too if you'd like