Saturday, October 10, 2009


DuneBuggy - Baby, Oh Baby

DuneBuggy - W Thing

New collaboration between two of our favs, Charles "Taterbug" Free and Ryan Garbes and actually I thought this was a surprising combination (though obviously my context-less knowledge wouldn't have a clue) but really it makes a lot of sense, those super-fuzzy colour riffs of Garbe's solo ramblings come out direct in song form w/ verses of faked "high on life" binges, especially the mangled "Wild Thing" cover wrapped up in weird good-feeling/family moral afternoon films, where's John Candy's cameo and the 50s bubblegum attitudes? This is ridiculously choice combo of gnarled-ness and shit-eating-grinned-happiness, kind of demented really and totally incessant.

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