Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Vacation Dad - Dan and I Drink Dayquil

New jam from Underwater Peepz favs who don't live in Ridgewood, New Jersey (heavily and probably misdirectedly mythologized place for me) and it's ultra dense and HEAPS ROMANTIC to such a degree that I feel like Andy from Vacation Dad puts it way more poignantly than I ever could:

its me
i just sorta finished this song
its called dan and i drank dayquil
its about two roomates that are in love with eachother
but they both have girlfriends so they can't express their feelings to one another
so they both get real fucked up on dayquil and die in a bathroom
its kind of a romeo and juliet thing
but way gayer"

But actually, on a more personal note, this song cured my evening; I got home from making then eating loads of sushi at my friend's, did wees, felt empty/lost for 3-4 minutes then listened to this song and everything was okay. LIFE'S EASY!

[Vacation Dad MySpace]

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