Friday, August 27, 2010


Navajo Bixby - Down Under

Have been totally jonesing for new surf anthems from New Jersey's Navajo Bixby and this ultimate and typically reverberant swinger answers the call with a steady vibe and almost El Guincho feeling hit that gradually adds in slacker distortion to the classic Hawaiian rock swing. A master of the loop-sample for sure; can't remember which song his other "now classic" "Moonlighting" sampled but I was in Goteborg once and in this coffe shop/record store and they played the original and I "went bananas"; must be the way ultra "live"-seeming psychedelia these guys throw onto an already ecstatic piece of guitar pop. Look out for live shows soon in New York and Philadelphia and hopefully more jammers like this right?

[Navajo Bixby MySpace / Bandcamp]

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Yair Yona (Small Town Romance Blog) said...

This is really good stuff.