Friday, August 27, 2010


Fast becoming or already my favourite guitar band and vibing so hard on my own imagined ideas of New Jersian mythology (something that Alex Bleeker said in an interview the other day he and Real Estate and associated bros had done themselves; mythologize New Jersey's "deal" that is) with their obviously ultra-suburban slacker pop that the good times just ooze out like all the pizza and tacos they ate the other day in that "Bite Yr Tongue" vid ie. much like any gnarly Dino Jr. riff or just general instance of teenage or "grown up" fun or geniune carefreeness. Just real good eh. Stream the whole thing at their Bandcamp and defo buy it when its out on August 31st.

[Big Troubles MySpace / Bandcamp]

[Buy Worry from Olde English Spelling Bee]

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Glow of the Cube said...

Yeah, Ive really been diggin this band and lookin forward to the LP.