Thursday, November 25, 2010


MP3: Canterbury Rams - Simple Mind

I was having my photo taken at highschool for the yearbook or something and the guy doing the roll/name list asked (on account of my name being Richard MacFarlane) if I was related in anyway to low key North Harbour rugby union player Slade McFarlane. I said "no" but enjoyed the coincedence of just having noticed his last name while watching a lower league rugby match the previous Sunday afternoon in that small, sparse part of the afternoon (weekend ending, a wasteland of b-grade sports, mostly motorsport, on all three channels, low/bright Winter sun outside). They didn't play basketball games so much on TV and I always planned to go watch an NBL game for home team Canterbury Rams at Cowles Stadium in Aranui but I never did and now they are called the Christchurch Cougars. Their legacy seems to continue (alongside Wet Wings, Mt. Pleasant, With Moths) in Sam Ellis and Joseph Ernest Harper's Jonathan Phillips' restrained and reverberant songs with a muffled kind of triumph.



Bobby said...

Nice, I think I've seen that Joseph Harper guy around town, looking all dapper in his tailored suit jacket and perfectly shinned shoes.

black hole suit said...

1 out of 2 aint bad

RICHARD said...

we beat him to it black hole!