Monday, December 06, 2010

TOP 2010 SONGS: Richard

I tell ya, this year's just ZOOMED past! A combination of extreme hours at my (old) job, putting on shows in Newcastle, BLOGGING, ultra overseas vacationing and a high-level membership in "chillers delite" meant my attention span has shriveled even further into nothingness. Life is tough but HONESTLY I get kinda worried about that and not listening to things closely enough etc and the way things are going and shit but it doesn't change the fact that there was a heap of "killer jams" out this year! Also just realized how horrendously OESB-heavy this list is but oh well. Boo ya:

10. Wild Nothing - Bored Games
Gemini out through Captured Tracks // myspace

Fav train song for sure. Straight up 80s moper pop bliss.

9. Teen Inc. - Friend Of The Night
digital 7" out through iTunes // myspace

Someone tweeted about these guys (OPN or Megazord or someone?) describing them as "total game changers" and that's so right on; crystal clear funk/pop w/ actually ridiculous slap bass talent and generally amazing technical prowess.

8. The Samps - F.X.N.C
The Samps EP out through Mexican Summer // myspace

Hard to pinpoint an exact best Samps track (the Windows 69' Edition (On TV) mix is where it's at) but this one probably taps the best into the weirdly sleazy and retroactive house glory their impatient and energetic electronica is characterized by.

7. Ducktails - Paisley Pattern Arcade Shift
Ducktails/Strangers Bored Fortress split 7" out through Not Not Fun // myspace

Love these slightly more fuzzy Bored Fortress cuts of Arcade Dynamics jams "In The Swing" and "Arcade Shift" (perhaps not as much as "Hamilton Road"'s balladry but (spoiler) I think Shea has that on his list) because they're still the homeliest/most picket-fency pop around.

6. Games - Midi Drift
Games That We Can Play 12" out through Hippos in Tanks // myspace

Real heavenly headphone jam, set up in soft 80s movie clouds and artfully balances some split between "emotional"/"life-changey" feelings with the necessary half-awake haze.

5. Big Troubles - Bite Yr Tongue
Worry out through Olde English Spelling Bee // myspace

Good to see these "hyper-chic" Ridgewood pop guys battle through the video-related controversy (D:!) to maintain their status as most amazingly blissed-out and fuzzy nostalgic rockers.

4. Monopoly Child Star Searchers - A2 (excerpt)
listen // Bamboo For Two out through Olde English Spelling Bee //

Spencer Clark's signature jungle jams really hit their stride on this one; not sure whose guesting on this jam (Dolphins Into The Future? James Ferraro?) but it's as mesmeric as it gets.

ANV's images of soldiers are "cries for our shared humanity" and soul/Top 40 R&B infused pop like this soundtracks the weird truths of modern mainstream culture/life as much as ultra icy and (failed) futuristic landscapes. Real catchy and "soul"ful for sure.

2. Sun Araw - Deep Cover
On Patrol out through Not Not Fun // myspace

Total anthem; this "amniotic dub" just rolls and rolls, wrapped up in hefty histrionics and just drenched in smoke.

1. The Sweethearts - Burning Through The Nite
I Need My TV 7" out through Olde English Spelling Bee // Burnin 7" on Transparent (UK) // vimeo

I keep trying to work out if this'd sound better in more clearly definied hi-fi but even with the signature mutated tape gunk all over it there's no hiding the "pop perfection" inside this gem, Sam Merhan and Zak Mering dialing in 1-900 romance to the car phone on their super distinct night drive.

Squadda B feat. Young Boi - Legendary
Oneohtrix Point Never - Ouroboros
Deerhunter - Helicopters
Panda Bear - Slow Motion
Destroyer - Chinatown
Raw Thrills - Skyline's Lookin Fine


Anonymous said...

Completely agreed about Burnin Through the Night. Pop perfection, that song is.

Nick said...

Totally with you on the Sun Araw man, that song is epic. Wicked live show as well.

JP said...

mine are so similar! U RULE

(o ) (o ) said...

NICE. 8, 7 & 2

Anonymous said...

teen inc. is serious, good choice