Friday, May 20, 2011


MIX: Jaws - 4 Corners Pt. II (60mb)

Here's another mix of volatile 90s memphis rap from Robert Girardin aka Jaws and it's in a similarly scuzzy zone as the previous one he made last month. There'a also a new original Jaws jam up on his soundcloud on which you can definitely hear the Excepter connection, not to mention a similar late night sizzurp/Casio fog to labelmates Hype Williams. It's only a rough cut but there's a real mean streets/dystopian pop energy to it, building up into a pretty heady swirl of midnight experimentalism.

Jaws - Go Home Or Stay Free by War Harmonizer

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Anonymous said...

who the fuck decided that image was appropriate?
no i get it it's like the hypnogogic part of the whole palestinian thing right?