Monday, March 28, 2011


MP3: Co La - Long Shot
MP3: Co La - Dreamin' (Hair Splitter Version)

Ecstatic Sunshine's Matthew Papich sent over a bunch of new stuff he's been working on under the Co La title, reminding me both of the CMJ show we helped put on back in October (and this LOL photo) but mostly the dub advancements that he is so interested in discreetly collaging into serene rhythmic zones somewhere between Eric Copeland, Panda Bear and maybe Monster Rally. The wonked tropical images of some giddy and cheaply luxurious holiday these jams bring up aren't too far from the actual memories that Ken Seeno talks about on AZ; definite recycled glass bottle coke vibe 4 sure. Apparently this is the first music he's made that people actually dance to. "Long Shot" is from the new Deep Heterodoxy In Space (Red Ring Demos) release and "Dreamin" is from the slightly less new Rest In Paradise.


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